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For those of us committed to living and walking in Kingdom identity, there is a God-ordained prerequisite. That prerequisite is not optional; it is mandatory. We can't take it or leave's required. Not only required, but vital to Kingdom life and Kingdom identity. This prerequisite is the mind of Christ; it's seeing and living in a higher realm than the natural world we walk in every day.

In order to be established in Kingdom identity, having the mind of Christ is essential. We cannot 'take it or leave it'. We must view everything from a higher realm. To be established in your Kingdom identity is to have the mind of Christ in everything. This higher realm, or way of thinking, is like a viewpoint. Notice I did not say a point of view, but a viewpoint; there is a difference. This viewpoint comes from an established truth, or a foundation of truth that cannot be changed or altered. A point of view can change depending on one's situation or experiences in life.

Think about that for awhile and you will begin to understand how the enemy can many times find an 'in-road' into our thoughts and ideas on life, and change our perspective. But for those of us living in the Kingdom, our mindset is established. No matter what comes our way, the plumb-line of our thinking process is, and always will be, the mind of Christ.

God has been speaking to me for several years about our communication process. As we move further into Kingdom and establish our identity in Him, our communication will grow and change, and it will change in a powerful way. Having the mind of Christ and operating out of His mind will establish within each of us a new communication base. This new communication base will put everyone in the Kingdom on a level playing field, because we will ALL live, and move, and have our being in Him.

I encourage you this month to read and pray into all the scriptures on the mind of Christ, and then change those prayers into declarations. Speak out loud that you have the mind of Christ, until those words become reality in your life. You will know when the higher realm becomes reality in your life. Blessings!

Prayer and Declaration: Father God, thank you for the mind of Christ. Thank you that you are establishing the mind of Christ in your Kingdom people. Thank you for Holy Spirit that is teaching and instructing us in all of our ways and thoughts. We want to co-labor with you Lord for your Kingdom. Help us to be good stewards of what you are teaching us. We know the time is short and we must be about our Father's business! Lord, we declare the mind of Christ is operating in us daily. We declare we will recognize when the enemy tries to alter our Kingdom mindset and make us believe a lie, and even disguise it as a 'lesser truth.' Father we declare we are Kingdom people, looking out at our world from a higher realm, and we declare we will be advancing your Kingdom wherever we Jesus name! Amen and amen!!

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