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Song of Solomon 8:13

(13) You who dwell in the gardens, the companions listen for your voice--Let me hear it!

Today's verse is the Bridegrooms final commission to His bride in the Song. And just a note...this verse and the one next week are instructions we can take with us into our future journey with Him.

In summarizing, The Song of Solomon is the story of the bride and Bridegroom's journey. The good times and the bad, the sweet times and the hard, the victories and the defeats; it's the cycle of life in Him. This cycle always has an upward and a forward movement to it. With each trial comes wisdom, and with each hardship comes the ability to develop our nature to be more like His. He never ends, and neither will our learning cycle in Him.

Today He calls her 'You who dwell in the gardens.' That's an interesting name! But what an honor to be known as one who dwells in the gardens. The gardens speak of the Lord's vineyards, the many parts of the church in which she dwells and labors. In other words, she hasn't quit. Even in the hardships and times of trouble, she didn't quit. She stayed the course He gave her. She is still vibrantly in tune and relating to the people of God.

Sometimes due to offences, hurts or misunderstandings, people will draw back in isolation and give up on the body of God. But the mature bride has shown herself to be faithful to the people He loves. That is so very important to Him. It takes a tender, yielded, loving heart to resist bitterness, anger and/or resentment towards others. And that type of heart is beautiful to the Bridegroom. Oh, she had the opportunity...many reasons she could have quit or backed away...but she didn't. Because her heart was to please Him in everything.

He then acknowledges that her companions, those believers who receive from her ministry, are listening to her. She has credibility with the people. They see the maturity, the love, the kindness and the wisdom she gives. Her ministry carries a fragrance that others long to receive from her.

After this acknowledgement He takes it a step further and says "I want to hear your voice.' This is a powerful statement and one we would do well to remember and act on! Even though He commends her for body ministry, He wants her to minister to Him! Never forget He wants to hear our voice! It's the priority in our love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and body. We cannot neglect our time with Him. Just like God looked forward to each day when He would walk with Adam in the cool of the day, so the Lord looks forward to the times we come aside to just be with Him and talk with Him. And it's not to bring our prayer list or our problems, although that is a valid reason to talk with Him. But in this context He wants the companionship of the bride. He wants to hear our voice, feel our heart, and be in touch with our emotions. He just wants 'to be' with us. If there was only one thing you could take away from this study on Song of Solomon, this would be it. He wants to just 'be' with you. Because you are becoming one with Him.

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