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Song of Solomon 8:11

(11) Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon; he leased the vineyard to keepers; everyone was to bring for its fruit a thousand silver coins.

As we continue to look at Song of Solomon from the allegorical interpretation instead of the natural, there is a principle of 'accountability' in this verse. Again, the allegorical interpretation of Song of Solomon helps us to understand the spiritual significance of this little book in the Bible.

The bridegroom King has a vineyard, or a great harvest, throughout all the nations (Baal Hamon is also translated as 'the populous one.' This indicates a worldwide vineyard. "For God so loved the whole world that He gave His only begotten Son..." (John 3:16)

Father God has a plan of redemption for the harvest, and He wants to use us, His bride, to help bring it about! We are the keepers of His vineyard; He is entrusting us to look after it until His Son returns. The Bridegroom King Jesus spoke several parables about the landowner and the vinedressers (keepers). These parables speak of the responsibility we have been entrusted with.

He expects everyone to bring forth fruit as they cultivate their sphere of the vineyard, or harvest. What or where is your sphere of influence? It can be your neighborhood, your workplace, or wherever your daily activities take you. Just begin to invest your life in the people you come in contact with. Just start serving people right where you are.

You don't need a pastor or someone in church leadership to define your calling. Find the thing that makes your heart come alive, and do it! As the bride of Christ, you have the Word of God and Holy Spirit; that's everything you need to be successful in His vineyard.

And lastly, the Lord desires a FULL return (re: a thousand silver coins) from those to whom He entrusts His vineyard. "...To whom much is given, much is required..." (Luke 12:48) A thousand speaks of fullness. Whether our stewardship involves encouraging others, praying, serving, giving financially, teaching, or honoring others; the Lord requires us to be faithful to His call. In season and out, whether it's convenient or not. But in spite of any inconveniences, the Bride knows it's worth it! Not only is she aware of the rewards laid up for her in heaven, but more importantly, she carries the reward with her NOW at all times...the reward of the power of His love! There's not anything compared to the reward of His ever present love filling her at all times, and being 'in love' with the one she is partnering with. This reward makes it joyful and easy!! Selah...

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