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Song of Solomon 8:3

(3) His left hand is under my head, and His right hand embraces me.

This is one of my favorite verses in all of the song, because it speaks of God's love and providence. The bride is speaking to the daughters of Jerusalem (the up-and-coming brides), revealing a facet of her Bridegroom that they haven't realized or known as yet.

His left hand under her head is the hand at work that she cannot see. It is His divine providence; moving, rearranging, shifting, guiding and protecting. He is doing all this because of His love for her.

We will never know this side of heaven the divine interventions God has orchestrated on our behalf. We can't even begin to be aware of the schemes of the enemy that have been stopped, the calamities (physical, emotional and relational) that have been diverted, and the disasters in which He has intervened on our behalf. We may know of some, but I think we will all be surprised when we find out just how great His love and providence are! The bride is aware of His providence to a certain degree, and just the knowledge of that causes her to feel confident and secure. She knows anything that touches her life will be filtered through Him and His love for her.

His right hand that embraces her is His visible blessings that are obvious. Not only is it His blessing, but more so, it is His manifest presence that touches and tenderizes her heart. It is His presence that empowers her, and makes her realize their union is a mutual love and commitment to one another.

To know we are in covenant with Him is a powerful reality. We may sometimes act contrary to that covenant, but in spite of it, He always discerns our heart out of pure motives. Consider this....A judge can have all the facts about a case but if he judges with an unclean heart, he will misinterpret the information. Our Bridegroom King Jesus has a heart of purity, and everything He sees He judges rightly, with perfect discernment. He will never break His covenant with us. And in His tender mercies, He will always draw us back to Himself, causing us to love Him more!

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