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Song of Solomon 8:2

(2) I would lead you and bring you into the house of my mother, she who used to instruct me. I would cause you to drink of spiced wine, of the juice of the pomegranate.

The bride continues to voice her desires to her Bridegroom in verse 2. Her desire is to lead her Bridegroom Jesus to a place of honor in the lives of others. As a mature bride, she desires to bring His presence to others through anointed ministry. She is being bold in this statement because she knows in her heart that she is ministering for Him and not for herself. She has no thought of 'her' ministry, but only of bringing Him to others. Her deepest desire is to help others see and experience Him the way she has, because she knows they will fall in love with Him if they can just experience Him in a personal way.

The house of her mother, spiritually speaking, is referring to the church. It is the church who originally taught her the foundations of truth concerning her Bridegroom. She desires to honor that long-term relationship by stirring in them passionate obedience and risk-taking faith. She wants to honor the people that first trained her by seeking to serve them. She has no critical spirit towards those who have grown complacent and satisfied where they are, but she is grateful for them, and truly desires them to have a deeper personal revelation of Him. She has His grace resting on her to be bold but humble in her desire to serve those long-term relationships.

In this last sentence, she promises to give Him her very best (the spiced wine) in faithful service to Him and to others. She stands for those things He stands for, and there is no compromise in her life. She offers Him her very best (the juice of the pomegranate) as she experiences being inwardly pure in her secret life with God. She has experienced the grace and power to live clean in her private life, and it has produced in her the reality and power to be used by her Bridegroom in ministry to others.

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