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Song of Solomon 8:1

(1) Oh, that You were like my brother, who nursed at my mothers' breasts! If I should find You outside, I would kiss You; I would not be despised.

In the final chapter of Song of Solomon, we see a partnership between the bride and the Bridegroom that has progressed to complete fullness. This complete union is what our Bridegroom Jesus desires; this is what He envisions when He looks at each one of us. This is what was on His mind when He went to the cross.

The Bride is speaking in this verse and the context is, of course, in the Biblical times of her day and relating to the customs of that day. In ancient Israel any public display of affection between men and women, even by husband and wife, or even a fiance, was strictly prohibited, and even considered a breach of the standards of decency. The only exception allowed was between blood-relatives, such as brother and sister.

The Bride has a desire to publicly acknowledge and express her love to the Bridegroom. She desires to worship (receive and accept the kiss of His heart) and express all that she has experienced with the Bridegroom.

For the mature bride, there are spiritual levels, revelations, and experiences in God that others will not understand. For this reason, the mature bride is restrained from sharing these experiences with everyone; she can share them in more private settings with believers who have a common understanding. This is wisdom.

In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul explains the wisdom of this in several verses; he also made a number of statements about restraining our spiritual liberties for the sake of others. As the mature bride restrains to fully express her love and faith, she is revealing her character and humility. She desires to walk fully in love and humility. To be restrained in this way is a model of the second commandment and honors those less mature than yourself. Selah...

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