Song of Solomon 7:11-12

(11) Come my Beloved, let us go forth to the field; let us lodge in the villages. (12) Let us get up early to the vineyards, let us see if the vine has budded, whether the grape blossoms are open, and the pomegranates are in bloom. There I will give You my love.

Today the bride is speaking to her Beloved King, declaring she is ready to co-labor with Him in the harvest field. Doesn't matter if it's in the city or the villages, she is willing to go wherever He goes.

Her original prayer at the beginning of Song of Solomon 1:4 was "Draw me and let us run together." In the progression of life with Him, He has drawn her and now their hearts are one. She is committed to go with Him wherever He needs her, but in the journey, her heart is always first and foremost intimacy with Him. Early in her journey she could only find this intimacy with Him under the apple tree, behind the wall, on the bed, and at the table, refusing to arise and come. But now she is committed to the same thing He is committed to, and she loves the people He loves. She has reached that level of maturity where she can 'run together' with Him while she is experiencing intimacy with Him. This running with Him is not just her sphere of ministry and area of responsibility, but it is wherever and whenever He needs her within the body; it is any of the ministries in the whole worldwide church. This is a key point in our growth as the bride of Christ.

In all the excitement plus the pressure of a vast harvest, she forever views her ministry as first of all, bridal love, and then partnership. She is still putting the first commandment first, and the second commandment following. She understands the Lord wants her to invest in other parts of the Kingdom, even those that have no bearing on her; and still she says "Yes!" To get up early indicates she is ready to be inconvenienced and to be diligent in her quest with Him. The budding vines, grape blossoms and pomegranates represent the individual brides-to-be, or the more immature parts of the body of Christ. So she is ready to work with Him wherever He goes, to whomever He goes to, all the while loving Him extravagantly.

It is here in the harvest field that she gives Him her devoted love. Regardless of the warfare, the conflicts, the sacrifice, the persecution and the mistreatment by others, she is fully willing because of her complete devotion and love for Him. This is a perfect picture of the mature bride moving in partnership with Jesus.

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