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Song of Solomon 7:10

(10) I am my Beloved's, and His desire is toward me.

In our walk with the Lord, there is a progression of being a bride-to-be into a fully mature bride of Christ. The verse we're looking at today is a statement of the reality of the bride as she has fully matured. She recognizes how she has grown in her spiritual identity and the impact it has, not only on herself and the brides-to-be, but on the Bridegroom King himself!

We can see this spiritual progression throughout the song. She begins her journey in Song of Solomon 1:13-14 by saying "My Beloved is to me...". At the beginning of her journey, her only focus is what He is to her. She takes no thought of His desires or feelings. She is seeing the relationship purely from a selfish point.

In Song of Solomon 2:16 she says "My Beloved is mine and I am His." She realizes at this point of maturity that not only is He hers, but she is His as well. She begins to understand that not only does she have ownership and an inheritance in Him, but He has one in her as well.

In Song of Solomon 6:3 she says "I am my Beloved's and He is mine." The bride has now come to the realization that she is first of all His, and He is hers. Do you see how the priority in her heart has changed? She is now considering Him first, instead of herself. This is a very significant mindset change for her.

Which brings us to Song of Solomon 7:10 where she states "I am my Beloved's and His desire is toward me." She is now filled with the reality that she is His and He loves her unconditionally! This truth has become a reality to her. In this declaration, she is not considering herself at all, but it's all about Him! Any self-interest she had in the past is now gone, and her focus is solely on Him. She understands that she is His inheritance, and His desire and passion is to have all of her completely; body, soul and spirit. He loves her for who she is, even in her weakness. Yes, a mature bride is not perfect...but yielded to Him as much as humanly possible. This is a powerful truth!

Have you ever said to yourself "I am His & His desire is towards me"? If not, I am challenging you to begin to say it aloud. This truth meets one of our greatest emotional needs; the need to feel valued and to belong. Whether your spiritual progression is in the bride-to-be stage or a more mature stage, doesn't matter. The truth that we are His and He desires us is a powerful reality. The truth that we are His inheritance is also very impacting to our well-being and growth. To know that you are someone's inheritance is pretty amazing; but to understand that you are the Bridegroom King's inheritance is almost mind-boggling. He wants you...He desires you...He loves you right where you are. How amazing is that?! Just say "Yes, Lord!" and He will do the rest!

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