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Song of Solomon 7:7-9

(7) This stature of yours is like a palm tree, and your breasts like its clusters. (8) I said, "I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of its branches." Let now your breasts be like clusters of the vine, the fragrance of your breath like apples, (9) And the roof of your mouth like the best wine.

The Bridegroom now goes into more detail of the delights of His bride. He likens her stature, or her degree of development, to one of great spiritual maturity. He compares her to a palm tree, which grows exceptionally high because the roots go extremely deep. A palm tree will find water sources deep underground, and will survive fierce storms, as well as severe droughts.

Her breasts, like clusters of fruit, edify and nourish others. Interesting to note here that palm trees produce several different kinds of edible fruits. Coconuts, dates, acacia fruit, betel nuts and palm oil are all produced by palm trees. And the bride, like the palm tree, produces a variety of fruit so that all can partake of her nourishment.

Because of her maturity and ability to nourish others, the Bridegroom speaks and declares He will release His manifest presence to His body through these mature vessels ("I will take hold of its branches"). His manifest power and presence will be released to display the greater works of His kingdom; and He will use the mature bride to display these works!

He then admonishes the bride to allow the wine, or refreshing of His Holy Spirit, to be displayed in and through the fruit she releases. Along with this, He declares there will be a fragrance released through her words that will carry the refreshing winds of God.

Lastly, He declares her mouth, or the roof of her mouth (also called the palate where some taste buds are located), are symbolic of the best wine, which is her intimacy with Him; this intimacy is the most pleasurable thing to Him. In His entire created order, the best thing the Bridegroom Jesus has is intimacy with His church. The intimacy of a mature bride is the most pleasurable thing to Him outside of the Godhead. This intimacy is heart to heart, spirit to spirit intimacy.

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