Song of Solomon 6:11-12

(11) I went down to the garden of nuts [walnut groves] to see the verdure of the valley, to see whether the vines had budded and the pomegranates had bloomed. (12) Before I was even aware, my soul had made me as the chariots of my noble people.

After the Bridegroom wholeheartedly affirms His bride, she has a desire to see His 'other' gardens. He referred to her as His garden in Song of Solomon 6:2, and now she realizes He has other gardens as well. These gardens are other parts of the body of Christ that are different from her, and they are likened here to a grove of walnuts. A walnut is a seed with life on the inside. The seed goes through different stages of maturity to become a full blown tree, but regardless of the stage it is in, it is still a walnut. It is the same with the entire body of Christ; we all have somewhat different beliefs and levels of maturity, but still, we are ALL part of His body.

She went down to the other gardens to see if the vines had budded and the pomegranates had bloomed. In other words, she wanted to know...where are these others in their walk with the Lord? Are they still in an immature stage? Do they need help to grow (to bud and to bloom)? The mature bride does not despise these younger ones, but commits herself to helping them come forth to full maturity.

You know, God loves all the spices and flavors in His garden. As a mature bride, we too, should love them ALL. There is no room for judgement or condemnation in a mature bride, only the full acceptance of others, and seeing others the same way the Bridegroom does. This is a work of grace and love that can only come from Him. In the same way He has looked at us and seen the finished work of grace and redemption, so we should look at others the same way.

While the bride is working in these budding vineyards, she suddenly realizes her heart and soul are zealous for these that the Bridegroom calls His. Her mature love for the entire church overtakes her. She describes this feeling to being like the swift chariot of a noble prince, meaning there was a swiftness and ease within her soul for this new desire and heart burden that overtook her.

There is such truth in today's verse! One of the great characteristics of the end-time church will be to have a fiery zeal for the whole church. His bride will love not just those who 'run in her circle', but ALL those who call themselves by His name, regardless of the name on the door.

And of course, it goes without saying, His unconditional love in her will also draw the lost, the unsaved, the hurting, and the hopeless.

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