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Song of Solomon 6:5b-7

(5b) Your hair is like a flock of goats going down from Gilead. (6) Your teeth are like a flock of sheep which have come up from the washing; every one bears twins and none is barren among them. (7) Like a piece of pomegranate are your temples behind your veil.

Love never fails. The One who IS love, our Bridegroom King, will stop at nothing to bring us into a full realization and mature understanding of His unconditional love.

In today's verses, the Bridegroom repeats the same words He spoke to the Bride back in Song of Solomon 4:1-3. But now, the Bride has grown in her maturity level, and what He saw in the spirit previously, is now being manifest in her flesh. The first time He spoke these words they were a prophecy, indicating how He saw her in the future, and now, the prophecy has come to full fruition. Her tests have not been wasted, but have caused her to grow in spiritual maturity.

Her hair represents her mature dedication to the Lord, her teeth represent her maturity in the Word, and her temples represent her mature emotions. His description is, once again, in the context of an agricultural experience, because it is a language she understands. She was a shepherd girl, tending her flocks and keeping her vineyards (please refer back to Song of Solomon 4:1-3 for a detailed description of the meaning of these verses).

Our bridegroom King will speak to us individually as well, in a language we can relate to. He knows our exact make-up, and knows exactly how to relate to each one of us. He will use each test that comes our way to bring us into a greater maturity and understanding of His love for us.

The Bridegroom's affirmation of His bride is the very thing that continues to draw her, encourage her, mature her and ultimately release her into the destiny she was created for.

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