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Song of Solomon 6:5a

(5) Turn your eyes away from me, for they have overcome me.

In our journey with the Lord, there comes a time we become so enamored with Him, all we can do is fix our eyes on Him in love and adoration. This is where the bride's journey has taken her; and in the most severe trials and hardships, instead of turning and running, she has fixed her gaze on Him. This is the heart of a true bride. Being unoffendable in all things. She can be unoffendable because she realizes she is His inheritance. It is no longer about what she will or won't get; it's not about her inheritance or what she can do, but it's all about Him.

The Bridegroom is speaking in this verse, and revealing the power the lovesick bride has on her Bridegroom! Her dedication causes Him to be undone! Her gaze is stirring up the passion of the Bridegroom in a way that is beyond understanding. I consider this verse to be one of the most romantic verses of the Bible, because it reveals the heart of the most romantic one; the lover of our souls.

Our bridegroom King is all powerful. He has created the heavens and the earth, the stars and the galaxies. Demonic powers and principalities will bow to Him. The armies of man will fall to Him. Every knee will bow in reverence to Him. He is ruler over all. He is sovereign. He is unconquerable.

Yet there is one thing that captures His heart. It is the lovesick bride, standing in devotion and love for Him. Standing in spite of the trials, the pain and the disappointments; displaying a heart of trust and love for her Bridegroom. This kind of devotion conquers His heart.

When the Bridegroom King finds a heart like this, not only does it stir up His passion, but it causes Him to release His justice into situations. In his book Bridal Intercession, Gary Wiens defines justice as 'the full restoration of all things according to the original design held in the mind of God from the foundation of the world.'

So as the lovesick bride overwhelms her Bridegroom with her devoted passion, justice is released on her behalf. Selah...

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