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Song of Solomon 6:4

(4) O my love, you are as beautiful as Tirzah, lovely as Jerusalem; awesome as an army with banners!

How many know to feel beautiful is a powerful reality? In today's verse, the bride has once again, come through a time of testing. She has searched for her Bridegroom tenaciously, and was not able to feel His presence. But even so, she never denied Him, and went so far as to describe His beauty to others.

It is then that the Bridegroom breaks His silence and begins to affirm His bride once again. His passion can be seen and heard by His first words "Oh My love!" He is overcome with her beauty and character, and desires her to know and feel His love. Beauty has been imparted to her through her trials and tribulations, and her character is displayed through it all.

Tirzah was the royal capital city in the Northern Kingdom of Israel for a time, and was known for its natural beauty. Jerusalem was the spiritual capital of Israel, THE holy city, and the city where the Shekinah glory of God dwelt. The Bridegroom describes His bride as beautiful and lovely as these two cities. They are also a description of her natural and spiritual beauty, as well as a representation of her beauty to unbelievers (Tirzah was the city of the Canaanites) and believers (Jerusalem was the city of God's people the Israelites) alike.

In one last expression of love, the Bridegroom describes her as awesome as an army with banners. This speaks of a victorious army returning from battle, with their banners unfurled and flying. Behind the banners would be a great military procession, with the defeated captives in chains. What a magnificent picture! The bride did not draw back in a time of testing, but gave her heart wholly to Him. She manifested the power of love even in the face of extreme trials.

When the Bridegroom affirms us, His bride, there comes a reality in our soul and spirit of the beauty He sees in us. That reality then produces a substance in our lives.

There is a relative beauty that is defined by an individual and determined by how they see and define beauty. But, there is an absolute beauty that is defined by Jesus our bridegroom, who is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ONE. His definition of beauty is truth, and when that truth is imparted to you by Him, it becomes a powerful reality in your life. It is a reality that will bring victory in every area of your life, including victory over the greatest battle, which will always be over the first commandment "...You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind" (Matthew 22:37). Selah...

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