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Song of Solomon 6:2-3

(2) My Beloved has gone to His garden, to the beds of spices to feed His flock in the gardens and the gather lilies. (3) I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine. He feeds His flock among the lilies.

In today's verse, the bride is answering the question posed to her by the daughters of Jerusalem in the previous verse. She described Him in such a magnificent way that they wanted to know Him also.

In describing His beauty, she realized He had been with her all along, deep within her spirit (her garden). Even though disappointment and hardships had 'covered His presence', the Bridegroom King never left her. We may feel that way at times also, but He is still with us. His covenant is everlasting and He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) nor break His covenant with us. We cannot always depend upon our emotions to reveal His truth, but we can know His word and His covenant are forever.

It is here, in our spirit man, that the Lord lives within us. This is a place reserved for Him alone. He enjoys the wonderful fragrance (the spices) are lives are producing for Him. It is here He finds pleasure in our commitment to Him and to feed His body (John 21:17). Everything He has planted and cultivated in us is working towards a greater trust in Him, and bearing fruit for His glory. In our spirit man is a purity (lilies) that He can also use to bring Himself glory.

The bride comes to a realization at this point that she is completely His and He is hers. She has given herself to Him completely, and her self-seeking nature has loosened its grip. This mature bride has just become a little more mature and wise, and the warmth of His love has prepared her to be poured into Him without reservation. The covenant has become real to her, and she will no longer be influenced by her changing emotions. Their relationship is solid and secure, and will lead her and every decision she makes from this point forward.

And so it is with the corporate bride of Christ. We are all being changed by His love.

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