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Song of Solomon 5:16

(16) His mouth is most sweet. Yes, He is altogether lovely. This is my Beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem!

In today's look at Song of Solomon, we see the culmination of the bride's description of her Bridegroom, and the power of her final statement in regards to Him. This is one of my favorite verses in the whole Bible, because it is full of revelation and experiential knowledge.

Starting with verse 10, the bride has been describing her Bridegroom to the daughters of Jerusalem. Remember the daughters are depicted as the more immature believers, those who have not yet had experiential knowledge of Him. And they want to know why she loves Him so...they are curious. As she describes His attributes, they begin to see there is a reality she has experienced in and with Him that they haven’t. And it causes them to move past curiosity.

In her final description, she shares a very powerful truth. His mouth is most sweet! The Song of Solomon begins with the words "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth...". The kiss of His mouth is the intimate communication He has with her. His kiss is the sweet touch of His word upon her heart. Has your heart ever been touched with the sweetness of His word? If it has you know the impact it can have! The kiss of His word is the sweetest human experience; when His spirit touches ours, it is more powerful than any physical, emotional, or mental pleasure. It is a kiss of intimacy. It is a touch that floods our soul with His beauty.

After the final description of her Bridegroom, the bride is overcome with love and passion for Him. She just says “YES! He is altogether lovely!” Altogether beautiful. He has matchless beauty...this is who He is! She can accept no substitutes. Nothing or no one else can satisfy the cry of her spirit the way He can. He is her Beloved and her friend; they go hand in hand. After this final description, she is overcome once again with His beauty.

Little does she know what a powerful impact her words are making on the daughters of Jerusalem. As they listen and begin to grasp the reality of who He is, their hearts are beginning to awaken. They are experiencing a longing to know Him in a deeper way. They become aware that there is something they are missing out on. We will look at their full response next week.

Until then, where are you in your walk with Him? Do you classify yourself as a bride or a daughter of Jerusalem? Regardless, there is always more. He will reveal Himself to those who will make time for Him. As we press in to the reality of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the bride in verses 10-16, and make it our quest to know Him in an experiential way, our love for Him (and for others) will grow exponentially! It’s a love that passes human comprehension. Selah...

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