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Song of Solomon 5:13

13) His cheeks are like a bed of spices, banks of scented herbs. His lips are lilies, dripping liquid myrrh.

The Bridegroom's cheeks speak of His inner beauty that is revealed through His perfectly balanced emotions. Have you ever known anyone whose emotions are in perfect balance? Many times you can tell a person's emotional state through their countenance, or their cheeks; whether happy or sad, mad or glad. Have you ever seen someone on an emotional roller coaster? Maybe it's been you. I certainly have had my share of that! But in contrast, He has a perfectly balanced personality. The more we come to know and experience Him and relate to His emotions, it causes our emotions to be brought into wholeness.

This verse also describes His emotions as being full of delightful fragrances, which is so refreshing to our soul. When you are near to someone whose soul and spirit is healthy, doesn't it cause a positive reaction in you? It causes you to trust and rest in the one who is near. It's very pleasing to be with someone whose emotional makeup is healthy. And to those who can discern His personality, His affections are fragrant and refreshing. Oh, the aroma of His perfect love!

His lips, or His words, are the greatest of all love languages! We experience this love through His written word, as well as words spoken directly to our hearts through Holy Spirit. Our Bridegroom's affirming words are tender and sweet like lilies, full of sweet fragrance and purity. His words heal the deepest pain and heartache. They can also be words of correction like liquid myrrh, causing us to see areas in our lives that need adjusting. But the way He corrects us is always done with kindness and tenderness. There is no judgement! NO JUDGEMENT! This type of correction will heal our heart, steady our soul, humble us, and cause us to wonder at His loving kindness! Selah...

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