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Song of Solomon 5:11

(11) His head is like the finest gold; His locks are wavy, and black as a raven.

This week we are continuing to look at the Bridegroom, King Jesus, as seen through the eyes of His mature bride. Once again, she is describing her Bridegroom to others who don't quite understand why she is so in love with Him.

Her bridegroom King is a born leader, in the truest sense! His leadership (His head) is perfect. Like the finest gold, it is of the highest excellence. Did you know the finest gold is transparent in color? Nothing hidden. The bride knows she can trust Him to the utmost degree, because He has no hidden agenda. Have you ever known people in leadership, maybe even in a position over you, that cannot be trusted? Have you known leaders who have their own agenda? Not so with Him! The bride knows Him well enough to know whatever comes her way, she can trust Him and His leadership over her.

In describing His hair, the bride is speaking of His eternal dedication and omniscience. She knows her Bridegroom is dedicated, first to God and then to His bride. In Biblical times, a Nazarite would take a vow of dedication by refusing to cut his hair. Jesus' birthplace was in Nazarene, so He was considered a Nazarite. He knew about dedication.

She also describes his hair as being wavy and black, indicating a youthful zeal. He is not weak or lacking strength and vitality. Unlike others whose strength and stamina may wane, Jesus is forever full of strength and zeal. He also has infinite knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and discernment. The bride has an experiential knowledge of what He is like, which is why she can describe Him in such great detail. Experiential knowledge is so different, so much higher than head knowledge. Selah....

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