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Song of Solomon 5:10

(10) My Beloved is white and ruddy, chief among ten thousand.

Song of Solomon 5: 10-16 is a full description of who Jesus is, seen from the eyes of love and intimacy. Today's verse begins with the bride lovingly answering the question posed to her by the ones not yet having that intimate revelation of all the Bridegroom is.

She begins by calling Him 'my Beloved.' Even though she is in the trial of her life and unable to find Him, He is still her beloved. Her heart is not offended because of circumstances, but she is still completely head over heels in love with Him. This is a key to growing into a mature bride. Even when things do not turn out like you expected and prayed for, it is vital to keep your spirit open to Him. Continue to trust Him even when you don't understand. You cannot grow in love with a closed spirit. By confessing that He is her Beloved, she already has the victory. The enemy cannot take that away from her.

She describes Him as white and ruddy at the same time. White is a description of His radiant, dazzling, pure beauty. He has revealed Himself to her in His splendor, and this attribute has been indelibly etched in her soul and spirit. At the same time, He is ruddy, meaning He has a healthy balance in all His attributes. A ruddy complexion in the natural indicates internal health. The bride is describing Jesus as having a perfectly balanced personality. Have you ever known ANYONE who has a perfectly balanced personality?! But He does. He is a perfect balance of mercy and judgement. He is fully God and fully man.

He is chief among ten thousand, meaning He has an incomparable greatness. There is no one like Him. That's why He is the head, or chief. He is the highest in rank and authority. (See Col. 1:15-18)

This is only the beginning of the description of how the mature bride views her Bridegroom. We will look at more in the next few weeks. Once He reveals Himself to you, you can never be the same. Selah...

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