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Song of Solomon 5:8-9

(8) I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if you find my Beloved, that you tell Him I am lovesick! (9) What is your Beloved more than another beloved, O fairest among women? What is your Beloved more than another beloved, that you charge us so?

At the point of desperation to find her beloved Bridegroom King, the bride inquires of the daughters of Jerusalem. Remember, the daughters of Jerusalem refer to the more immature members of the body of Christ. Even though they have not yet reached the point of a deep intimate revelation of the Lord Himself, she inquires of them because she is desperate to find Him. She realizes her complacent spirit has caused Him to retreat. " whom much is given, much will be required..." (Luke 12:48 author's paraphrase) For the bride of Christ, there is a higher standard of relationship. Complacency with Him can have no place in the bride. Selah...

The daughters of Jerusalem do not understand why she is so lovesick. To them, there are other 'beloveds' who will satisfy. Because they have not had that intimate revelation of Him, they can be committed to more than one beloved. They do recognize, however, that she has been graced by God with a spiritual beauty that surpasses others. Even though they don't understand it, they acknowledge it.

And because they are curious, they inquire "What is it about Him that is so special? Why are you making such a fool of yourself to find Him?"

For the bride, there is a lovesickness that goes beyond having tasted and experienced the fullness of His presence. There is a lovesickness comes from a deep longing; a hunger and thirst for more of Him. Have you experienced it? If you have, you know exactly what that means, and how it feels. Because He has hid Himself from her, she is now overcome with a tremendous longing to be with Him again.

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