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Song of Solomon 5:3

(3) I have taken off my robe; how can I put it on again? I have washed my feet; how can I defile them?

In the last verse we looked at the bridegroom's call to His bride to join in the fellowship of His sufferings in order to be more identified with Him; to become more completely one with Him.

But listen...the bride has come a long way! She is proud of her progress with Him. She has gone through many trials and tribulations, and has come out on the other side...still loving Him and wanting to follow Him. She is admired and looked up to for the wisdom and maturity in her spiritual walk and the gifts of the spirit working in her life. She's happy about her current state of life in Him. This is what she expresses in the verse today.

But as He calls her anew to join Him in the fellowship of His sufferings, she now faces a new, unfamiliar enemy of her soul. She's not had to deal with this enemy before...this one known as spiritual complacency. It is a dangerous thing. Spiritual complacency is the 'good' that keeps us from His 'best.' It can cost us dearly if not dealt with; spiritual complacency will rob us of the promises & blessings God intended for us to experience in the here and now.

Is there anything in your life you know God has asked of you & you've not yielded to Him? The enemy will try to tell you it's OK. He will whisper in your ear "You've come a long way, baby! No need to worry!" And in theory he's right. You HAVE come a long way! God will never force anything on us. He made man with a free will to choose. You can choose to stay in your current state and everything will be fine. But in choosing not to join Him in deeper union, you will miss out on so much! God has treasures waiting for those who say 'Yes' to follow Him wherever He leads. If you don't continue to follow, you will never experience the 'more' of Him. And isn't that why you said 'Yes' to Him in the beginning?

A mature bride will always be willing to go where He leads, and in turn, will experience the full inheritance He has waiting, as well as the joy of partnership with Him. Selah...

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