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Song of Solomon 4:4-5

(4) Your neck is like the tower of David, built for an armory on which hang a thousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men. (5) Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle, which feed among the lilies.

One of the most beautiful attributes we can have is a yielded spirit. A tender submitted heart to His will and purpose is a powerful thing! In order to be submitted like this, you must have a deep understanding & experience of knowing Him and His ways, so trust is a major factor. The bride can completely trust her bridegroom's leadership over her. She knows in every situation, He is good. He is not a hard taskmaster, but one that leads her in a way that is for her highest and best. She is not 'stiff-necked' and unyielding towards Him, but so submitted to Him that the enemy cannot find a place within her to gain access. This is a powerful place to be! A yielded spirit is like a mighty fortress against the enemy of our soul.

God has given us all a free will to choose or not to choose Him; so to choose to be completely submitted to Him is a very beautiful thing. He likens it to the tower of David, strong and secure. Not only is it secure, but it is like an armory, where weapons are stored to be used against the enemy. And it's not just a few weapons, but there are many. Her yielded will is like a mighty skilled warrior who not only has the weapons, but knows how to use them.

Her breasts represent the seat of her emotions, where faith and love have grown together to represent her emotional makeup. When a person is mature in faith and love, there is no room for their emotions to be tossed to and fro by circumstances. This is the beauty of faith and love growing together. Here the bride's faith and love also grow from a place of purity. 'Feeding among the lilies' represents a conscience that is free from guilt and deception. When a person's conscience is defiled, there is a loss of faith and love. These two virtues can grow and flourish successfully only on the grounds of a cleansed conscience; free from guilt and shame.

The breasts also represent being able to feed and nurture others. As the bride grows in faith and love, she is able to nurture others who have not yet matured to the place of being teachable and/or teaching. Nurturing one another and building one another up, is the way the Father intends the body and bride of Christ to function.

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