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Song of Solomon 3:11

(11) Go forth, O daughters of Zion, and see King Solomon with the crown with which his mother crowned him on the day of his wedding; the day of the gladness of his heart.

This verse is one of my favorite in our journey through the Song because it reminds me of the hope and the future we have in Him and with Him, and it shows me the delight of His heart in the here and now.

As we continue reading this as an allegory, remember that King Solomon is a symbol of our bridegroom King Jesus. The bride is speaking in this verse to the daughters of Zion. These daughters are the ones who used to be immature believers (referred to previously as the daughters of Jerusalem) but are now understanding who He is and making a choice to follow Him, growing in maturity although they are still young.

Just as the Lord has continued to speak His heart and love over the bride, she is now speaking the same thing He speaks, over the daughters of Zion. She is encouraging the young believers. She continually speaks prophetically over them, showing them who they will become, admonishing them to press on to know Him more. Even as she refers to them as the daughters of Zion in this verse, she is prophetically speaking to them who they are becoming. I believe we should all have someone speaking into our lives and calling us higher in Him, while at the same time speaking into those who are 'younger' than we are in the spirit, calling them higher. This is the way God intended.

You see, the bride has a part to play in the maturity of young believers. As she has been taught, so she teaches. That is part of who she is. She knows that the revelation of Jesus is what will make a difference in young believers. I want to stay on this point for just a moment, because this bears repeating. It is the revelation of who Jesus is that will make a difference in a person. This revelation is an experience. You can hear about Jesus all day long, but unless you experience Him for yourself, it won't matter. There is a world of difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. But as we share with others who He is, it will create a hunger to know Him. Holy Spirit will then satisfy that hunger with an experience.

The crown that His mother crowns Him with on the day of His wedding speaks of an event far into the future. In heaven, we will all have crowns to cast at the throne of the Lord (Revelation 4:10). His mother refers to the whole church, the body and bride of Christ, who will 'crown Him' on that day, the day when His bride will be spiritually and completely united with the bridegroom for eternity. This is day when His heart will be completely satisfied; the day of the gladness of His heart.

In closing, when we come into an experience of who He is, we can truly understand His love for us, individually and as the corporate bride. We understand He suffered and died for us, so He could be united with us forever. From the beginning of time, it was the plan of the Father to give His Son a bride to complete Him. The Son embraced this plan of redemption, because He saw far into the future...the day when we would be one with Him. That is the day of the gladness of His heart. This is the day He is longing and looking forward to with great anticipation.

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