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Song of Solomon 3:9-10

(9) Of the wood of Lebanon, Solomon the king made himself a palanquin; (10) He made its pillars of silver, its support of gold, its seat of purple, and its interior paved with love for the daughters of Jerusalem.

These two verses in Song of Solomon are describing the king's palanquin. A palanquin is a royal chariot, or bed. It was very luxurious, as it was made to carry the queen-to-be to her royal wedding. It was very comfortable, and carried the bride on her long journey through the wilderness. It was made of the wood from Lebanon, which was the choicest, strongest, and most fragrant wood in the Old Testament.

This palanquin is actually a depiction of our Lord Jesus Christ, our bridegroom King (He made Himself to be a palanquin) and the way He carries us on our journey to the eternal wedding ceremony in Heaven. The wood speaks of His humanity. He left His deity & glory to come to earth in the form of a mere man to redeem us.

The pillars of the palanquin were silver, which speaks of His redemption. The supports, or the protective railing around the chariot, show God's divine character and wisdom. These supports protected the bride, keeping her within the boundaries of His safety. The seat of the palanquin was purple, symbolizing royalty and authority. This is His seat that He has ordained for the bride to sit upon, even as she is on her way to becoming one with Him.

The interior of the palanquin carrying the bride is very elaborate & luxurious. It also has a beautiful fragrance and an atmosphere of love. This chariot is a rich portrayal of the love of the bridegroom King. His love is not just for the bride, but it's for all who will receive it. It's not just for the mature bride, but it's for the immature daughters of Jerusalem, and for all who will receive Him. The beauty and majesty of this palanquin is a reminder to all who see it, that the bridegroom King is a God of love, and desires to give the riches of His kingdom to all.

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