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Song of Solomon 2:16

(16) My Beloved is mine, and I am His. He feeds His flock among the lilies.

Last week we looked at the 'foxes' in our lives that keep us from maturing into all that God has determined for us. If you are truly His, though, you will cry out for Him to remove those foxes so that you can grow and mature into all He desires.

This week the Bride, even in the place of immaturity, is sure that Jesus is hers, and she is His. That is very comforting to know, and a great place to be, but one we don't want to 'settle down' into this truth and end our journey here. Remember He is calling you ultimately to partner with Him on the mountains of society, to fight with Him against the injustice in the world.

Her focus and statement in verse 16a is still very much about her, and not Him. Notice, she is still the center of her world (My Beloved is mine), and He is second place. Until we can get 'out of ourselves' and understand it's not really about us, but about Him and His purpose, we cannot mature into the bride He is longing for.

I had a dream a number of years ago in which the Lord came to me on a white horse, and said "Are you ready to go?" I wanted to go desperately, but I saw the danger of going up the mountain with Him, and felt full of fear. So I said "No!" Someone else mounted the horse with Him, and I stood watching as they began their climb. I suddenly felt the emptiness in my heart and soul at being left 'in a safe place', but without Him. I cried out as loudly as I could, "Wait! I want to come!" Suddenly He was right there in front of me, ready for me to go with Him.

There was more to the dream that I talk about in my book, but the point I want to make is that we all say no at times in our life, either from fear or feeling like we are not ready yet. But friends, the Lord knows where we are. And He will take us in our immaturity, and use us if we are only willing.

In the second part of verse 16, the bride realizes that the Lord will nurture and feed her where others of like mind are gathered together (among the lilies). She realizes they are essential to her journey. We can have many friends and have many things in common; but for those who are serious about maturing in the Lord, there has to be communion with others who are seeking the same...maturity in Him. It is there He will feed us. Purity of devotion to Him is likened unto the lilies. I don't know about you, but I need as many lilies in my life as I can get. I want to be in the place where He is feeding me first from His hand, and then from others who are seeking Him wholeheartedly. We all need one another for this journey.

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