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Song of Solomon 2:8-9

(8) The voice of my Beloved! Behold, He comes leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills. (9) My Beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Behold, He stands behind our wall; He is looking through the windows, gazing through the lattice.

Today's verses speak of a time of transition that is about to take place in the Bride's life. We have all been in transition at times in our life, and will continue to be as long as we are on the earth. It is a fact of life. Sometimes change is hard, other times we welcome it. Nevertheless, if you are the bride of Christ, you can count on change! Like it or not, God is never satisfied to leave us in the same place. He is always calling us up and out into greater dimensions with Him.

In verse 8, the bride has learned her Bridegroom King's voice. This is a sign of growing in Him. We learn to recognize when it is Him speaking, or when it is another. In the Bible, many times mountains and hills refer to adversity or hindrances. At this point, she also understands and recognizes that it is Him who will cause her to overcome adversity, and move her past the hindrances of life. That means her trust in Him is growing. The Holy Spirit is working in her, causing her to see Him as the source of her life.

Have you ever depended upon a person in a situation, only to have them disappoint? It happens to us all! The only one who will not disappoint is Him! He may sometimes bring about things in a way we never dreamed of, but in the end we can say His ways are perfect, and past finding out! He always has the highest and best for our lives.

The first part of verse 9 she likens Him to a gazelle or a young stag, meaning His victory over adversity and hindrances in our life are easy to Him! He is fearless, strong, and swift, taking care of everything that concerns us. There may be times we think this transition is taking forever! Will we ever be through it? But He knows how to get us through transition in the best way, and His timing is perfect!

In the last portion of verse 9, the bride, in her God-given wisdom, sees where this transition is leading. She knows He is calling her to come out of her comfort zone and run with Him. The wall that is separating them is one they have both built. And in the previous verse we saw the Lord wanted her there as well, not being disturbed by others. But now the scene is about to change. In her seclusion with Him, He has imparted many things to her. She is in a comfortable place in her intimacy with the Lord, and is happy being there. She wants it to be about her and Him alone. She likes it!

But now, we see Him standing outside the wall and gazing at her. He is wanting her to rise and move with Him. He has a commission to fulfill by His Father, and He wants His bride beside Him, moving with Him to subdue nations & spread the love, the Good News.

So where are you in your transition with Him? Does He have you in the secret place with Him, filling you with His attributes? That's a great place to be! Or does He have you running with Him in ministry already? That ministry can look like many things, from speaking to others from a public platform, to raising your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. That's a great place as well! Are you in an in-between place, where you are waiting for His perfect timing in a situation? Wherever you might be, just know that you can trust Him to complete His work in and through you.

In closing, these cycles of life with Him will repeat themselves over and over, because we should never get to a place where we do not have total dependence on Him. Sometimes it will require pulling aside with Him, and other times it requires running with Him. It will all be for His glory and honor, and for our highest purpose. Blessings until next week!

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