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Song of Solomon 2:6

(6) His left hand is under my head and His right hand embraces me.

Have you ever considered the divine providence of God? Providence is something we don't give a lot of thought to, but nevertheless, it is very real. Webster's dictionary describes providence as "a manifestation of divine care or direction; foresight; the foreseeing care and guidance of God over the creatures of the earth." God's divine providence, moving on our behalf, is a good analogy, or explanation, of the first part of v. 6, when the bride is describing her bridegroom King's left hand under her head. The left hand is the hand of providence; it's the one that is arranging circumstances, giving guidance, protecting, and providing. The bride is aware of His providential hand, but not privy to all it entails.

I think we will all be surprised when we get to heaven, and find out just how real God's hand of providence was in our life. He is such an amazing God, and loves us so. Ephesians 1:4-5 says: "God chose us to be in relationship with Him even before He laid out plans for this world; He wanted us to live holy lives characterized by love, free from sin, and blameless before Him. He destined us to be adopted as His children through the covenant Jesus the anointed inaugurated in His sacrificial life. This was His pleasure and will for us." (The Voice Translation)

The bride is also aware of His right hand embracing her. This is the hand of the bridegroom that she sees and feels. This is the love of the King that touches and tenderizes her heart on a daily basis. It's the love she knows and responds to. There is nothing like the embrace of the one we love to make us feel alive and energized.

So in verse 6, the bride is sharing two of the attributes of her bridegroom King with the 'daughters of Jerusalem', which are depicted as the immature believers who lack discernment in the Spirit. Her personal relationship with the King is causing others to want to know Him in a personal way, also. The daughters are beginning to realize the benefits of relationship with this bridegroom King.

What about you? Are you part of the company of the bride, or do you relate more to the daughters? Regardless, one thing is true....He loves you with an everlasting love, and His love will draw you beyond what you now know. Selah. (Pause, and calmly think about this.)

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