Song of Solomon 2:4-5

He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was love. Sustain me with cakes of raisins, refresh me with apples, for I am lovesick.

To be brought into someone's home to have a meal is much more intimate than meeting that person at a restaurant to eat. Bringing someone into your home says a lot by the very act, both to the one that gives the invitation, and to the one who is being invited. Can you relate? In verse 4, the bride of Christ is speaking to the ones around her, and sharing the fact that the bridegroom King has brought her into a deeper spiritual place. This place is where she is 'feasting' on His love for her. There are many things the Lord desires to show us, and to give us; and the more intimate things, the deep secrets of His heart, are revealed in a more intimate place.

We cannot expect to receive the deep things of God by going through the 'drive-through'. To receive the 'full-meal-deal,' we have to take the time to come into a place where our time and attention is on Him fully. He has provided a banquet for us, a table full of wonderful spiritual food. Don't miss what He has because you're too busy for the meal! It's at the banqueting table that you realize everything He gives you is because of His great love for you. As you feast at His table, His banner over you is a flag that bears His standard, His symbol of authority. When the enemy sees that banner, it causes him to tremble. The enemy knows he is no match for the one who is being fed at the King's table. Selah...

The bride then turns her attention to the Bridegroom, and asks for more. She realizes she cannot be satisfied with the abundance of what He has just given, but wants more, even if it's just little cakes of raisins, or morsels of sweetness here and there, that are like a kiss on her heart. Even if it's just being refreshed with a little taste of sweetness now and again. She knows what He gives her in whatever measure, will satisfy and sustain her in times to come.

And each time He gives us more of what He has, it causes us to know and love Him more. We begin to realize, as we grow in maturity, that He is the one who satisfies completely. So this week, carve out a place and time to sit down and experience Him at the banqueting table. He has your favorite foods prepared and waiting for you. And as you feast His love will become more real to you than ever before.


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