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Song of Solomon 1:4

(4) Draw me away! We will run after You. The king has brought me into His chambers. We will be glad and rejoice in You. We will remember your love more than wine. Rightly do they love you.

In your personal experience with Jesus, have you ever asked Him to draw you? In Webster's Dictionary, the word draw means to cause to move in a particular direction by a pulling force or attraction. This is the most powerful prayer you could ever pray, because Holy Spirit will respond quickly to this prayer. God's greatest desire is that we love Him the way He loves us, and to pray to be drawn by Him is actually coming in agreement with His desire. This, my friend, is the one prayer that Holy Spirit will go to great lengths to answer.

The bride of Christ is speaking here, asking to be drawn further and deeper into Him. She is also declaring prophetically that others will run after Him, too. She is seeing with eyes of revelation and faith that many others will run after Him. These 'others' are those who have not as yet experienced the deep wonders of His love. But they will!

She then reveals the reason for wanting to be drawn even closer to Him. It's because of her experiences in His chambers, or the most intimate place with Him. As the bride of Christ, she has a deep relationship with Jesus because she has chosen to put Him first and has cultivated that relationship with Him. That is what makes her the bride.

The bridal chamber, or the secret place, is where you go and shut the door behind you, and there He reveals His love to you. He kisses your heart with His word, and causes you to know Him in a deeper way. The truth is, the more you know Him the more you love Him. And in loving Him more, you are able to open your heart and trust in a way you may never have before. In the natural, have you been hurt in past relationships? Do you have trouble opening your heart to trust someone? If you have, I challenge you to try just once more, only this time try it with the one who is worthy. He will never abuse or hurt you in any way. Your love is a most precious gift to Him.

Again, she prophetically declares that others will rejoice in Him in times to come, as they too experience His love. These experiences will prove to be more satisfying than anything the world can give. She finally states that the only right response in loving Him and being loved by Him, is to share His love with others.

The first four verses of Song of Solomon are the language of a mature, confident woman who knows who she is and what she's been created for. Next week we will look at the beginnings of this lover of God and see what caused her to go from an insecure, shy girl to a place of confidence and assurance of who she really is; her true identity as the bride of Christ.

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