Song of Solomon 1:1-2

All scripture quotes are the New King James Version of the Bible unless specified otherwise. As we look at the Song week to week, due to the nature of the story, some weeks I will only post one or two verses, other weeks will be several verses, depending upon where we are in the story. I believe this will allow for a better understanding, or flow, of the story.

(1) The song of songs, which is Solomon's. (2) Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth--for your love is better than wine.

Have you ever been in love? I mean, really in love! This is the backdrop of the story we are about to embark on. This is the greatest love story ever told; the story of God's magnificent love for us. He loved us so, that He sent His son to win us back. And win us back, He did! The Song of Solomon is the story of how Jesus wins us back completely. Exciting, huh! Intriguing, yes! You see, you can give your heart to Jesus, but that's just the beginning. There are depths of His love that we have yet to experience. There is always more! Unfortunately, there are also things in our lives that keep us from experiencing the fullness of His love. But Jesus has promised He will defeat every enemy that tries to steal our heart from Him. He wants all of us. Nothing less will do.

Verse 1 refers to the entire book of the Song of Solomon, which is a song He has written for us. In Revelation 15:3 we read there is a song of the Lamb (Jesus), and I believe this song of the Lamb is the Song of Solomon. There is something about a love song that causes your heart to soar, right? Well, hold on ladies, because this song was written just for you. This is 'yall's song'. (That's Texas talk by the author :)) And it's not just a love song, but the song of all ages.

In Verse 2 the Bride starts out speaking to the young women, also known as the daughters of Jerusalem, and she is saying she wants the kisses of His mouth, referring to intimacy with Jesus. The kisses of His mouth are essentially the sweet touch of His word upon her heart. The touch of His word that is active and alive will cause her heart to open and receive at a deeper level than ever before. It is a divine kiss that tenderizes her heart and causes her to love Him more.

She obviously has experienced this intimate touch upon her heart before, as she alludes to in the second part of the sentence, saying His love is better than wine. Have you ever experienced His divine kiss? It really is better than wine, or anything else the world has to offer. If you've experienced it, then you know what I mean. Wine can be intoxicating, but His love is more so. There are many things in this world we can enjoy, and there is nothing wrong with wanting & enjoying these things. But if you have ever experienced His divine kiss, you know there is nothing that can satisfy as much as Him.

This woman, the Bride of Christ, has been awakened to the Bridegroom King Jesus' love, and she wants more. What about you? God has made each one of us with a innate desire to love and be loved, and the only one who can fully satisfy that love is the one who created us. It's true. His perfect love is just that...perfect. Nothing or no one can top that. Selah....this means pause calmly, and think about this.

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