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Journey Through the Song Introduction

A number of years ago I started a blog and in the 'course of life', laid it down for a season. It's now time to pick it back up.

This blog series is a journey through The Song of Songs, or The Song of Solomon in the Bible. For whomever is reading this, it's really your story. The story of the Bride and her Bridegroom. The journey of life takes many twists and turns, and The Song of Solomon can really be anybody's story. Different circumstances, different names, but the same story. A story of victories and defeats, pain & pleasure, disappointments and hope. But ultimately a story of lasting love and victory.

My blogs are published weekly, so look for the newest blog every Wednesday morning. I am so thankful you are joining me on this journey. This is an introduction to my first blog series, but will entail many more as we experience together the journeys of His incredible love. Blessings to you, my friend.

#intimacy #love #Jesus #Bride #Bridegroom

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