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An Invitation Into His Chambers...

The Power of Intimacy with God

Want to make a deeper connection with God? Learn how a deeper sense of intimacy can produce power in prayer. 

Have you ever felt like your prayers come from a place of fear and a lack of belief? Have your previous efforts to connect with God felt stilted and incomplete? Victoria Cleveland understands, and she wants to show you exactly how to go deeper in communication with your Creator.    

An Invitation Into His Chambers is a revelatory romance that teaches you how to experience Him with all of your senses. Through a series of visions and dreams, Vickie illustrates truths that allow you to have greater intimacy with God. With new tools at your disposal, you’ll learn how to pray with authority and make more authentic declarations of faith.   

Through your deeper connection with God, you’ll discover who you were meant to be and how best to walk in the fullness and power that He intended.   

God wants an experiential relationship with you. Let Vickie’s book help you to make that relationship flourish. Buy the revelatory romance today to grow your connection with God.

Lovesickness for Jesus will be the most powerful and most mysterious reality in all the world at the end of the age. It will have the strongest drawing power to believers and unbelievers alike. It will be more powerful than apostolic wisdom or miracles. 

Mike Bickle/International House of Prayer, Kansas City 


Take a look inside the book...

I had been in intercession during the very early hours of the morning, and laid down at 5:00 a.m. I immediately had a dream that lasted for 15 minutes and then I woke. In the dream, I was in a jeep with no top on it and sitting at the base of a mountain. Looking up the mountain, I saw dangerous terrain, large jutting rocks, wide crevices, and steep inclines that seemed impossible to navigate. The Lord was in the back seat of the jeep, and He leaned forward and put His hands over my eyes, and said “Now GO!” We both started laughing and I thought, this is scary and exciting at the same time.

I began to drive up the mountain with His hands covering my eyes. I had the distinct impression I was seeing with His eyes, hearing with His ears, and understanding what He was thinking. I was operating with His mind, the mind of Christ. I was literally navigating the jeep up the mountain and around all the danger by Him, not having any of my own faculties to work with. The whole time, we were both laughing and having a great time! It was so much fun and so exhilarating! The further we went, the more I was able to trust Him and His direction, even though in the “natural” I could not see. And interestingly, He was not speaking directions out loud to me; I was hearing Him by the Spirit, and sensing things the same way.

What I was experiencing was a higher form of communication. It was spirit to spirit. I believe this higher form of communication will begin to be the norm for the body of Christ, namely because we are in the end times. He is giving us strategic weapons of warfare, unlike any the enemy has seen or can understand.

At one point we stopped, and I opened my eyes and saw two very small people, similar to midgets, standing in front of the jeep. One was very ominous and mean looking, and the other was ‘jabbering’ things I didn’t understand. I said to the Lord “What is he saying?” and then I asked “Lord, who are they?” He said, “Fear and confusion.” I turned and looked at them again; they seemed so small and insignificant. I said, “ This is fear and confusion!?” As soon as I said it, they began to tremble and back away, and then turned and ran.

 I realized they were afraid of me. Then I understood it was because I was operating in Him; His eyes, His ears, His mind. Then the dream ended. When I woke, the scripture the Lord dropped in my spirit was Acts 17:28.  “In Him we live, and move, and have our being” WOW!  Please SELAH…..this.

 This dream is a perfect example of the Bride of Christ moving in authority. It is all about Him. We become an extension of Him in every way.

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